Hello Summer

It has been a great semester, and this is unfortunately my last post. Well, my last post that will be graded, at least. If you haven’t read some of my previous posts, this blog started as a class assignment for a communications class.

I will be graduating in just a few weeks, but I don’t think I’m ready to give this blog up just yet. This summer I will be traveling to Japan to visit my sister and in July I will be moving to New Zealand for a year. I think it will be a great opportunity for the chance to taste food from other parts of the word and can’t wait to share it with you.

This blog was a fun experience for me and, even though it might a little quieter around here, I still plan to update this page with my food adventures.


Homemade Quinoa Salad Recipe


Some people think that becoming a vegetarian would be too difficult for them. One of my good friends, Lexie, has been a vegetarian for most of her life and says that finding unique recipes to try is one of her favorite parts of being a vegetarian. With so many different recipe blogs and sites like Pinterest, it’s actually really easy and fun to explore different foods and add some variety to your diet.

I love watching her cook because I can tell how much she enjoys it. You can watch Lexie making one of her favorite recipes she’s found on Pinterest and learn more about being a vegetarian here.

Summer Events In Lafayette

Even though the semester is coming to an end, if you’re staying in the Lafayette area this summer there’s actually a lot of events going on that could be worth checking out.

1. Mosey Down Main Street: May 10, June 14, July 12, August 9 & August 30


Even though it is mainly a music and arts event, Mosey Down Main Street also offers food and drink vendors. It is “a series of street celebrations brought to you by the local artistic community. Volunteers, downtown business owners, artists and musicians come together once a month from May through September to offer a free family friendly event that takes place right down the center of Main Street. That means if you miss the event one month, there’s still other opportunities to attend.

2. Taste of Tippecanoe: June 21, 4 pm-Midnight


This food festival has multiple stages of live music, food booths by local restaurants, fireworks, and beer and wine gardens. Basically, a food lovers dream. The event also raises funds for the Tippecanoe Arts Federation.

3. OUTfest


OUTfest is Lafayette’s gay pride celebration. In addition to increasing awareness of the LGBTA community, OUTfest has live bands and DJs, food trucks, a beer garden, dancing and a drag show. There is an entry fee, but the festival is a fundraiser for Pride Lafayette, which is the only LGBTA Community Center in Indiana. You can follow them on Twitter, @OUTfestLafIN for news.

4. Beers Across the Wabash: August 23, 1-5 pm; $35

SONY DSCParty on the John. T. Myers Pedestrian Bridge while tasting an assortment of ales and Lagers from over 30 Indiana breweries. You can purchase a VIP ticket to get early admission to the festival as well as complimentary food and beer pairings. Obviously, no one under 21 is permitted inside the festival.

In Honor of Grand Prix

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a new Mexican food truck outside of Harry’s. While I typically go for a burrito or pizza after a night of fun, apparently people from other countries do it differently. I thought this was video was pretty funny, especially since, after Breakfast Club, the line for Chipotle was out the door and around the corner.


Let Me Tell You About Wonuts

There’s nothing better than a great food mash-up. First there was the cronut and now you can now get a wonut (a waffle/donut) at Waffles Cafe in Chicago.


It’s made with a waffle batter that’s a little thicker than normal cooked on a waffle iron.

tmg-slideshow_xl (1)

The wonuts, which are now crispy like a waffle but also fluffy like a donut, are then moved to the deep fryer.

tmg-slideshow_xl (2)

Then comes the best part, the glaze.

tmg-slideshow_xl (3)And finally, icing and toppings like sprinkles or nuts are added.

tmg-slideshow_xl (4)They have different flavors of batter and glaze, and feature a variety of wonuts like Mexican chocolate, whole wheat with candied fruit, green tea and birthday cake flavored. Personally, I think this red velvet wonut looks divine.

tmg-slideshow_xl (5)I think might need to make a trip to Chicago soon.

El Rodeo: Less About The Food, More About The Experience


El Rodeo is a small authentic Mexican restaurant in Levee area that is one of my favorite places on campus. While it’s not the cleanest restaurant in the world, nor does it have the best food I’ve ever tasted, there’s a certain appeal that keeps so many Purdue students going back again and again. I think that appeal has a lot to do with the fun atmosphere of the place. Where else is it acceptable to go and order a 32 ounce margarita for lunch? Especially now, during Grand Prix week, when a lot of students are having their last days of classes, it’s the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the few weeks we have left of school. The great thing about the restaurant is that it’s a short walk from campus so you don’t have to worry about anyone driving when they shouldn’t be.


Overall, I think it’s the laid back feeling that makes El Rodeo one of my favorite places to go for a fun lunch or dinner. Every time I’ve gone there it’s always been with a bigger group and I’ve never had to wait for a table. In fact, we go there so much the waiters usually recognize at least half the group. Another great part is that they have no problem separating the checks for a big group, which can be a nightmare otherwise.

Screen shot 2014-04-22 at 3.36.42 PM

The food on the menu is pretty good, not fine dining but obviously good enough to keep going back for. I usually eat too many of the complimentary chips and salsa to eat all the food I order anyways. For some unknown reason, the prices on the menu never add up to what you actually end up paying or aren’t listed at all, so getting the check is like a fun game of figuring out who paid the most for some variation of a tortilla with meat, beans and melted cheese. I had a friend get the same thing she got the last time she was there, yet it ended up being a different price. This can either mean that we’re all really bad at math or a side of sour cream costs $5.00, though we’ve usually had too many margaritas to care all that much.


In a nutshell, El Rodeo is the perfect place to go and spend time with a group of friends where you can be loud, eat, drink and have a good time without getting stares from other people in the restaurant. Needless to say I’m glad El Rodeo is back open after being closed for awhile last year and can’t wait to eat there a couple more times before I graduate and it’s no longer acceptable to have a 32 ounce margarita on a Tuesday afternoon.

Survive Easter Brunch This Year

The holidays can be a stressful time, especially if you’re hosting family. I love reading articles that offer different tips and tricks and I found one on Yahoo! Food that offers you some ideas for how to make hosting Easter a breeze.


  • Start later in the day; around noon
  • Dress in something comfortable and colorful
  • Try a frittata if you have a big group


  • Serve prosciutto or pre-cooked ham instead of baking a ham
  • Top all your dishes off with chopped herbs
  • Bake treats ahead of time for your guests to take home with them


Read the whole list with full details on Yahoo!’s page and be sure to check out their Easter section for more ideas to make your holiday special.