Add Some Flavor To Your Super Bowl Sunday


A couple days ago, the BuzzFeed team got together on Good Morning American and constructed this snack stadium for the big game this Sunday. You can watch the whole thing here. While I doubt I’ll go this over-the-top with my game day meal, it did get me thinking about all of the cool football themed dishes that you could make to bring some flavor to your Super Bowl party. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorites that I’ve seen and that I might try out this weekend.


Football shaped pizza pockets. Recipe here.


Crackers and cheese. For the less ambitious. Instructions here.


Salted beer soft pretzel footballs. Recipe here.

enhanced-buzz-11881-1390408316-22Super easy Chocolate strawberry footballs. Instructions here.

enhanced-buzz-13233-1390406356-0Watermelon football helmet. Learn how to do it here.

If you’re not one for hosting parties, there’s still plenty of things to do for the big game around campus. Here’s just a few places where you can get some great food & drinks while watching the game.

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