Easy Vegan Substitutes

Ever since I attended the Decadent Desserts demonstration last week, I’ve been really interested in finding ways to make my favorite foods a little bit healthier. Recently, a friend of mine decided to become a vegan, which means she has eliminated all animal products from her diet. This includes all meat, dairy and eggs.

While it may seem like this is only something extreme animal lovers would choose, adopting a vegan diet is becoming more and more mainstream and with some of these easy substitutes for animal products, it is actually easier than you might think. Now you can try out the vegan lifestyle and still use some of your favorite recipes (with a few tweaks, of course).

Meat: Tofu, chickpeas and mushrooms are all meat substitutes and a good way to get protein when you are a vegan. Easy recipes include tofu tacos, falafel and vegan lasagna.

Cheese: There are tons of different soy cheeses available that melt and taste exactly like the real thing. Don’t think you can’t still cook your favorite meal just because it calls for cheese. Nutritional yeast is also an easy way to add a cheesy flavor to your pasta dishes.

Milk: Between almond, soy, hemp, coconut and rice milk, replacing milk is no longer even an issue when going vegan. These all have the same or more amount of calcium as cow’s milk and can replace it in virtually any recipe.

Eggs: Surprisingly, apple sauce can be used as an egg substitute. Just use 1/4 cup of unsweetened apple sauce for every egg the recipe calls for. Mashed bananas also work as an egg alternative because they both act as binding agents when baking.

Butter: Use coconut butter, which has no cholesterol and is packed with nutrients, as a butter replacement. Soy margarine is also great because it can be used just like regular butter and tastes basically the same.


Maintaining a vegan lifestyle is proven to be more healthy. Before I knew about some of these substitutes for common animal products, the thought of trying out a vegan diet was completely out of the question. Now that I know that adopting this diet might not be as difficult as I thought, it might be an interesting thing to try.

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