Milk and Cookie Shot

Three days ago, Dominique Ansel (you may recognize him as the inventor of the coveted cronut) posted a picture on his Instagram that was just so perfect it’s a wonder no one has thought of it before. Shot glasses made out of chocolate chip cookies filled with milk. It’s the perfect combination of one of your favorite pairings.


Ansel created these cookies for an event the South By Southwest festival in Austin this weekend and originally, they were supposed to be a SXSW exclusive. However, Ansel recently said that his milk-and-cookies shot will, in fact, be coming soon to his bakery in New York.

Ansel says that they don’t eat very many cookies and France and was fascinated after he heard that pairing milk and cookies is a ‘thing’ here. He told Eater he was inspired to create this dessert after eating his first Oreo a few weeks ago. He’s also been brainstorming other things to enjoy in the cookie shot class, such as vanilla ice cream and Bailey’s.

I don’t know about you, but I might have to make a special trip to Texas to get my hands on one of these, available March 9 at the SXSW Festival.

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