12 Cocktails To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, what are you doing to celebrate? Seeing as the holiday falls over Spring Break for us Boilermakers, I predict college students will be bringing in the luck of the Irish in the way they know best, with a party. This doesn’t mean just adding green food coloring to your beer though. Think outside the box with cocktails that will make you green with envy. Whether you’re Irish or not, these themed drinks are sure to get you in the holiday spirit. Just click the pictures to get the recipes.

1. Irish Eyes


This low-cal drink is perfect for your inner skinny girl.

2. Shamrock-arita


Who says you can’t bring a little Mexican fiesta to your St. Patty’s day?

3. Irish Castaway


With champagne, rum and whiskey, after a few of these you’ll surely feel like you have the luck of the Irish.

4. Pot of Gold


Candy bar flavored vodka and butterscotch pieces? This might be my new favorite dessert.

5. Shamrock Shaker


Class up the occasion with tequila and sour apple liquer.

6. Irish Flag


This concoction is almost too pretty to drink… almost.

7. Irish Julep


A little minty freshness combined with bourbon and creme de menthe. It’s like a glass of milk for adults.

8. Irish Car Bomb


An activity and a drink all rolled into one. Make sure to drink it fast before it curdles.

9. Shamrock Shot


This shot is low calorie, but you better watch how many you take or you might end up on the floor.

10. Little Leprechaun


Combining Pinot Grigio and cucumber slices, this drink sounds like the perfect refreshment on a warm spring day.

11. Irish Frog


Impress your friends by showing off your bar tending skills with another shot that looks almost too cool to drink.

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