Why You Should Do After-School Club

With graduation coming up in just over a month, I’ve seen a lot of people with a “you only live once” mentality and trying to squeeze in as much as they can before they leave Purdue and enter the “real world”. After-school club is a Purdue tradition in which the campus bars open their doors early, encouraging students to come and have a drink or get some food right when they are finished with class for the day. What better way to embrace the college life than to head to the bars at 2 p.m. on a Friday afternoon? As someone who doesn’t have class on Fridays, after-school club is one of my favorite ways to welcome the weekend, hang out with friends and enjoy some great food and drinks.

When a friend of mine said she hadn’t done after-school club since she’d been at Purdue, my mouth fell open. I view it as one of those Purdue bucket list items that everyone should try at least once before graduating. Each bar typically has their own specials, but my favorite is Brother’s. They offer one of the best deals and I look forward to it all week; one pound of boneless wings and a 100 ounce beer tower for only $10.00 (I recommend the parmesan garlic and honey barbecue wings). To make sure she got the full experience, a big group of us decided to head to Brother’s Bar & Grill around 2 p.m. Once again, it did not disappoint.


afterlight (1)

afterlight (2)

afterlight (3)

So, if you’re looking for something fun to do with friends this weekend and every weekend until we graduate, I recommend after-school club. It’s a fun experience and something you won’t get to do once you’re out of college.

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