Put A Little More Pizza In Your Life

Since it’s the weekend and I’m sure we could all use a few laughs after a long week, here’s a little cheesy pizza humor to make you chuckle. Buzzfeed is one of my favorite places to waste time on the internet and while I was bored and hungry I typed ‘pizza’ in the search bar to see what came up. Buzzfeed has some seriously strong opinions about pizza, much like myself. There are a lot of (mostly humorous) articles or quizzes that are sure to bring a smile to your face. These are a few of my favorite ones.

How Extreme Is Your Devotion To Pizza?


A quick checklist that begs the question, “How pizza are you really?” This quiz is clearly based on a series of extremely logical questions. For anyone wondering, I am a Pizza Champion.

Life Lessons From Pizza


The author of this post claims that “everything you need to know about life and love you can learn from pizza”. From finding love in unexpected places to keeping an open mind, this list actually makes more sense than you might think. Plus it has some mouth-watering photos to go along with it.



Ever wondered what kind of pizza you were, based on your star sign? Yah, me either, but now you can find out anyways. As an “artistic and passionate” Pisces with “my head in the clouds”, Buzzfeed says I am a pan pizza. I’m not sure if I’ve learned anything profound about myself, but I definitely want a pan pizza now.

What Does Your Favorite Pizza Topping Say About You?


*Disclaimer: this might be the most difficult decision you’ll ever have to make. Please take your time.

What Kind of Pizza Slice Are You?


Apparently my spontaneous attitude makes me a slice of pizza that has been dropped on the ground. I’m not sure what exactly this means, but I’m sure it’s important. So, what kind of slice are you?

10 Scientific Reasons to Eat More Pizza



As if you needed another reason to eat more pizza. These are obviously very important because they’re based on science.


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