Let Me Tell You About Wonuts

There’s nothing better than a great food mash-up. First there was the cronut and now you can now get a wonut (a waffle/donut) at Waffles Cafe in Chicago.


It’s made with a waffle batter that’s a little thicker than normal cooked on a waffle iron.

tmg-slideshow_xl (1)

The wonuts, which are now crispy like a waffle but also fluffy like a donut, are then moved to the deep fryer.

tmg-slideshow_xl (2)

Then comes the best part, the glaze.

tmg-slideshow_xl (3)And finally, icing and toppings like sprinkles or nuts are added.

tmg-slideshow_xl (4)They have different flavors of batter and glaze, and feature a variety of wonuts like Mexican chocolate, whole wheat with candied fruit, green tea and birthday cake flavored. Personally, I think this red velvet wonut looks divine.

tmg-slideshow_xl (5)I think might need to make a trip to Chicago soon.


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